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    Girl selling books????

    I heard about that girl a couple of weeks ago making rounds in CRE. I wasn't in the middle of the conversation, so I don't remember the details, except that she was pushy, and the books (from what the speaker could tell) were crap, especially for the price.
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    Looking for Daycare Referral

    Did you know that until recently, the law only required commercial daycare centers to do background checks on their employees, but did not set any restrictions on how those checks should affect hiring? That means, they could do a check and even if a person was a child molester, they could hire...
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    4 signs that she's into you

    Do these things happen to you a lot? Note to self, mark hollowsoul off "the list". :yay:
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    If you had to choose between..

    The list is endless. Seriously. A woman could list all the reasons she can think of right now and tomorrow he'll figure out something else to do to add to the list.
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    Quintuplets Born at UMd. Medical Center

    22 yr old single woman taking fertility drugs. You don't see anything wrong with that?
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    link for house prices

    Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation
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    Quintuplets Born at UMd. Medical Center

    link I read in a different article that the quints were conceived after a single round of fertility drugs. There is just so much wrong with this picture, I don't even know where to start. :shakeshead:
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    Do Amish merchants accept checks?

    I've written checks to the Amish before. And I've seen them at the drive through at the bank.
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    Well, it's good that they are setting up a love interest for Gibbs. With all those ex-wives, his character is the type to have a woman around. But, she's not all that hot. Few older women are on TV. I hope the Masad agent is a permanent addition, she could make things interesting.
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    But, he was always such a nice kid...

    Right up until he blew away his whole family. Ok, so the actual quote was: Methinks someone wasn't really paying attention. link
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    FSBO-Anyone doing this?

    With the market being so hot now, more and more people are going FSBO. Two things of importance... Make sure you get on the MLS. I'm not sure how you do this exactly, but that's what the internet is for. :shrug: and two, be open to the idea of giving a partial commission to a buyer's agent. A...
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    book discussion clubs...

    Lookie here I don't see one at Lexington Park. :ohwell:
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    book discussion clubs...

    The library has a book discussion group.
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    Keep selling aviation manuals to people named Mahmoud Maawad

    I wonder what brought this guy to the attention of the FBI Oh, that might have done it. :dork:
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    I have no respect for...

    :rolleyes: If he said "thank you" all the time, why would I find it :confused:? He thanks me on occasion, but it's usually when he manages to go out with one of these guys with the controling wives. It just makes him appreciate what he has. :diva: