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  • Well phooey...I would have liked to invite them to stay but that weekend is already taken...and is why I needed to know exactly when. I'm having a family (extended) reunion here on the 27th and some are staying over to attend a crab feast on the 28th. Sorry.... -Bill
    Sorry I'm just now getting to you, I only ever get on here when I'm at work during the week. My Dad's been hard to catch lately because he hasn't been spending that much time up there lately, you see he had a stroke in September, and he's just now been getting up there when it's warm and nice out and now has a bit more mobility, . You should be able to catch him there this Saturday. He doesn't get there real early anymore because my mom drives him now, so he's usually not up there until 10 maybe 11. I'm sure he probably has that tire. He would just sell you a whole rim and tire because he doesn't have a way to break them down and mount them. Plus he doesn't charge much for it anyway. 18" sounds like a rear tire, I would say it wouldn't be over $40 bucks, probably cheaper. I can give you his cell number if you want just tell him Ashley his daughter gave you the number, sometimes he doesn't answer so try again lol. His name is Ronnie.
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