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    What browser do you recommend if Firefox is a no-go?
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    Gonna be EXCITING, V3!!!

    Kinda looks similar to the Surviving Mars game space ship.
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    Voting in St. Mary's

    Ok boomer.
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    Herman Cain dead of COVID

    Wow, no one in this thread is wanting to take a step back and look at both sides of the story. Either it's so far left, that it's fantasy. Or so far right, that it's lunacy. What happened to an open mind? Were is the intelligence at and dissecting your own viewpoint? What is so bad about...
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    A new Roof is in my future

    Well, they finished up the roof. Color looks almost the same as the old one. But the shingles look good. Had them use the ice and leak underlayment for the whole roof. A few hundred dollars more. Going to be putting up solar in the winter, so i felt that added protection would help.
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    looking to get a new cell phone

    You have Ting as well? I've been with them for about 5 years. Cut my bill by half if not more for 2 smart phones. I have no complaints.
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    A new Roof is in my future

    They just delivered the supplies today, installing the roof tomorrow.
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    A new Roof is in my future

    Gonna be getting New Image to do my roof. Using CertainTeed Landmark shingles.
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    Former ‘Mythbusters’ host Grant Imahara dead at 49 from brain aneurysm

    He was quite the tinkerer. Made his hobby his job and probably loved every moment of it.
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    I've had it with Kindle I love e-ink readers. I've had a Kobo ereader for years. took it all over the world when i was in. Recently found it and gave it to the wife. Battery still working and is awesome. I find that the...
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    Asheville police destroy aid station

    There are some ignorant fools in this thread.
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    Google to restrict Ad Blocker AddOns for Chrome Browser

    I've installed pi-hole on my network and have noticed an incredible decrease in ads.
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    Something stinks in Stinkville

    The aluminum foil hat is strong in this thread.
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    Who has hobbies and what are they?

    Computers, table top games, scale modeling, tinkering in the garage, tinkering with outside related projects.
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    Any shops that can do Coil-over shocks rebuild?

    Looking for a shop that can rebuild coil-over shocks. Anyone know of a place?