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    Pop Culture Cereals From The 80s And 90s

    I miss Smores cereal...:bawl:
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    Many cutting the cord on cable/satellite

    My PS3 with Netflix does the exact same thing but not that often. Probably about once a week.
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    Books for 6 yr old Girl

    I liked the BoxCar Kids series.
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    How Many So. Marylanders are in the AshleyMadison Database?

    It boggles my mind that people use their gov't email for this.
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    Debate night - Thursday Aug. 6, 2015

    Came across this and found interesting. How closely does it match your picks?
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I saw Leonardtown was getting a chocolate shop.
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    Malice, did you ever do this? I'm curious to see how it went.
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    I'm a very angry bitter man.

    So you've met my ex boyfriend? :ohwell:
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    New Theater

    Thank you!! :huggy: No wonder it didn't come up. That site is blocked on our network!
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    New Theater

    Does the new theater have website? I couldn't find them on Fandango and I could only find their FB page when I googled them. So maybe I'm computer illiterate today because I thought it opened today.
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    Pasta Salad

    Awww...Bob is home. :smile:
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    Woman’s rape claim exposed by her own FitBit

    I'd say so although it registers that time as "restless" versus "awake".
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    Stitch Fix

    That's my fear with it too. My sister loves it but she probably spends more on clothes than I would.
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    DC woman look like a bunch of stuck up snobs!!!

    Profiling exists everywhere, people. :rolleyes: Someone is single and not ready to mingle.