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  • I have not seen it for the past couple days, it was near the woods. That is almost directly across the street from where we caught Foxy. He was trying to eat from a styrofoam box on the side of the road.

    Also, I saw you were looking for a horse. I bought an old Amish buggy horse, he is sweet and bombproof and was on his way to slaughter. I highly recommend getting a standardbred from the Amish. Many of them can use a good home and are very smart. I think Lilly pond foal rescue in Dunkirk has one tHey got at the auction in st Mary's.
    no have no clue who owned the ones we caught. I guess I'll have to swing through there to try and find it when I am down that way this week. How long has it been there?

    BTW Foxy is doing great. he is quite attached to me so I don't think he'll get adopted out now. Also my Mom likes him a lot. He looks so different now that his hair grew in and he has fattened up. He has hair similar to a Persian.
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