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    Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

    I have the GE hybrid heat pump water heater from Lowes, and I like having it. Before I had it my lowest electric bill was somewhere between $85 and $100, and my lowest electric bill since I've had it was around $59; an impressive reduction. The fact that it also functions as a dehumidifier is a...
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    Plex / Infuse / Kodi

    I have my gaming PC next to the TV that I use as my file server/plex server/kodi/gaming machine connected to the receiver with an HDMI cable.
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    Plex / Infuse / Kodi

    Plex is the most user friendly version of what you're trying to do and streams quite easily to a Chromecast or Fire Stick, unfortunatly, what you see is what you a get and it's generally not free. Kodi is significantly more configurable but you have to have third party scripts/apps to do many...
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    Heat Pumps

    Thanks everyone, you've been helpful. I made 3 appointments for estimates, but I think i'll make a fourth with these glowing reviews.
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    Heat Pumps

    So, my 22 year old heat pump finally croaked :dead: Does anyone have any recommendations for an HVAC contractor? So far I have estimate appointments set up for TNBowes and SMO energy. What sort of cost am I looking at for a new heat pump for 2400sq ft?
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    Old Blockbuster building

    Rock Climbing gym! Make it so!
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    China Lands Rover On Moon.....

    I don't really care who is doing the space exploration, the entire world needs to spend more on science than other petty crap. This landing is good for NASA; it can provide some data for some ongoing missions. Solar System Exploration: News & Events: News Archive: China's Lunar Lander May...
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    No Control

    Well, Just off the top of my head for things within an hour (the farthest i've been out on a cruise line guided tour): Old St Mary's City A guided tour of the Naval Air Museum Dr Mudd House The Sotterly Plantation SCUBA diving Fishing Ann Marie Gardens Calvert Marine Museum Boat tours...
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    Been going on for Years!!! Beware! Hole Punch Car Robbery
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    LNG Plant Controversy in Calvert

    I'm all for it. My only request is that they run natural gas lines in the surrounding communities like CRE.
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    US Auto Sales Surge To A 6-Year High

    Curious... Average U.S. car is 11.4 years old, a record high - Aug. 6, 2013
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    Can you recommend........

    I used Flood brand a few weeks ago in the cedar color. All the reviews on Lowes website are really positive. Here's a before and after.
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    I Was Attacked by the Biggest Bee EVER
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    They got him!!!

    Here's a pic of him being arrested.
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    Rocket Launch Wallops Island

    Life is full of rude awakenings: all systems not go for Antares launch | Ars Technica