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    SOMDracing Imposters

    LOL @ this thread still being alive. I coud not see Crash in a Cadillac, regardless of it's drivetrain.
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    Roadside Rousby Hall Rd

    I do believe it's for FIOS.
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    What businesses are missing in Southern Maryland

    A quick oil change type place is supposed to be going in where the County's Filling Station was located on the corner of Rousby Hall and HG Truman.
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    Bye-Bye Catamarans?

    It's interesting how he can lose the property and be $780,000 in debt, but plans to open a new restaurant and upscale lounge in the old Lone Star building.
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    Bye-Bye Catamarans?

    Sure looks that way! :buddies: Catamarans closes
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    New DSLR

    Congrats!! You'll find that the basics remain the same for the most part.
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    Looking for Student Photographer

    Everyone with a DSLR is a pro, good luck!
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    Jesus, did anybody drive to work on work on Rt. 4?

    Took me about two hours to make the trek to DC as well....looks to be a fun commute home.
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    Complicated Camera

    Thats a lot of a lot of things!! I'd hate to be the guy tasked with resetting it all.
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    Just a couple photos from yesterday

    Nice, as usual.
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    Photography club in SOMD?

    Not sure about the St. Mary's club, but the Calvert Photography Club is very active. You can also stop by their Facebook page: Calvert Photography Club
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    Keep an eye on the weather

    Chesapeake Beach is getting hit right now.
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    Keep an eye on the weather

    Warning until 7:45. Local Weather Alert Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Calvert County, MD until 7:45 PM EDT, Sun., Jul 03, 2011 Issued by The National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington, MD Sun, Jul 3, 2011, 6:49 PM EDT Local Radar Map Updated Jul 3, 2011, 6:55pm...
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    Bolt on toys for trucks?

    Southern Maryland Automotive in Owings is also reputable, and local family owned and operated. Welcome to Southern Maryland Automotive