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    What the heck is going on?

    This one? Wow, if so, the sirens were still howling 3 hours later.
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    What the heck is going on?

    Non-stop sirens on Rt. 235 right now.
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    SOMD Death Rate

    The drug epidemic here is very real. Not to dismiss that in any way, but really what I was wondering about is the death rate in general. I know so many people who were in pretty good health, came here & died. Most were between the age of 50-65 (Too young to die IMHO)
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    SOMD Death Rate

    Makes me think. So many cancer deaths, like I said, haven't done my homework yet. It was something that I was wondering.
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    The Baynet & Metcom

    I've never seen a more mismanaged bunch in my life
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    SOMD Death Rate

    Disclaimer --> I have not done my homework. Discussion Point only. In the 16 years I've been here it just 'seems' to me that more people die here than normal.
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    Thanks for nothing METCOM

    <---That. Seriously, why do the citizens of this county put up with demonstrated ineptitude?
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    Hurricane Matthew tread ...

    :nerd:One can never be too prepared.
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    Metrocast Cable TV Outage

    Just called their customer support @ 1.877.959.4862 and there is an outage in the area.
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    I was coming home from Reagan around midnight last night and there was a very damaged car being loaded onto a flatbed tow truck at the intersection of Town Creek and SB 235; the police were still on the scene. Once I turned onto Town Creek, I saw the helo flying around.
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    This was on the Town Creek FB page --->
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    ATTN: Vapers at Medstar St. Mary's ER around 9:30pm last night...

    If it was that bad, I would have brought it to the attention of someone who could have done something about it. :shrug:
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    Southern Maryland Slang

    Thanks :)