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    Friday July 20th

    Oh my, :otter: Hope you had fun!!:yahoo:
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    Farrier number

    Does anyone have Spencer Bottoms phone number??
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    Fewer dog bites since pit bull ban

    I got my arm bit several times by one of those weenie dogs!:boxing:
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    Brush fire?

    They still have equipment there even though it looks like fires out!!:yay:
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    Body of Baby

    Maybe it should be provided to her as an option as part of treatment since I don't think the courts could demand it. Let's say, instead of life in jail, they say, so many years in a mental hospital, so many years in jail, give up your parental rights to your three remaining children and get fixed.
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    Body of Baby

    What I'm thinking is pretty much what I thought about the Yates situation. Everyone knew she had gone over the edge, husband, doctors, ect.... but no one stepped in until it was too late and I think five children ended up dead.. If someone knows there is a dangerous situation, as reported, they...
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    African Gray

    I think you should make room for Elle, Q's biatch of a bird.:buddies:
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    Building supplies

    Restore in Lex Park has rubber roofing, tons of it, bar room swinging doors would work for a fort, brand new and only 10 bucks.
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    Body of Baby

    When they decide to charge her I hope that those who were aware of a problem get held accountable as well. She needs to be fixed...
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    Tack stolen

    There was someone around the property who took some tools as well. I'm sure he had plenty of opportunity to look around. Heard he is in the slammer as of now,, caught stealing:whistle:. Also have another thought but I keep looking on classifieds hoping to see something. Since I've relocated I...
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    Tack stolen

    Loper they took mostly items I had towards the back of my tack room. Where I had a lot of my dad's items. Lots of training things, tubs of brand-new saddle pads, leather tools and of course his personal saddle. I am thinking there was also another couple of older saddles he had restored.:howdy...
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    Tack stolen

    Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. :buddies:The items were in my tack room, Huntingtown area. Never thought I would have to put a lock on it. I need to find some pix of the things, especially the saddle. Also, thanks for the offer to borrow your saddle. I haven't ridden English in so long...
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    Tack stolen

    Please, if anyone hears about sones saddles and other training items being sold, let me know. One of the items is especially important to me, a really nice western saddle given to me by my father. It is really big, fancy and really nice. I think it is a California King, something like that..I...
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    Anybody selling a show jacket sz 10 girls

    I think I may have those sizes.