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    Evergreen bullshet

    Get a $15 oil drum from Burch oil, burn anything that burns. Take your recycles (metals) to the dump once every 3 month
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    St. Mary’s Government Says Land Surveyor Was Using An Expired License

    Sounds like nonsense those crabs you caught and ate without a license are invalid too you need a license to do anything in this state A lawyer had a theory that there there active discrimination against southern Maryland because they want development up north, where their constituents the...
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    Mechanicsville 711 robbed and bombed Personally I’m not comfortable leaving my residence without self defense with all this dc/pg trash leaking into our county We should start campaigns and groups...
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    Real Property Search

    How do I do a fake property search now that we’re on the topic?
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    Tornado watch until 11 tonight

    This storm was more overrated than yearly the 1-3 inch “blizzard”
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    Make Waldorf great again!

    Is the slogan "Keep St. Mary's From Becoming Waldorf" a racist slogan? I was thinking of using that WTF could they possibly be investigating, maybe they should look at their thousands murder cases , rapes, and robberies first since the article mentions no laws broken whatsoever. How about a...
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    ISO Info Pole Barn builders

    Did you get permits for electric/plumb? Who did your foundation
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    Charlotte Hall Royal Farms

    Wish they could just replace dash in in leonardtown, their food and prices are horrible
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    Any places in St marys sell empty oil drums?

    thanks! just picked one up from burch and leonardtown but it was actually $15
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    Any places in St marys sell empty oil drums?

    You can order one for sure, for $70 they’ll deliver to your neighbor in 3-4 weeks
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    Any places in St marys sell empty oil drums?

    Thanks in
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    Charlotte Hall Royal Farms

    Better than another dollar general
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    Mask Report

    I have not been required to mask in any stores included some indicated on here. I think a little sexism / intimidation may be the case where minimum wage power trippers feel they can boss the ladies into wearing masks. I think because of my physical stature nobody has bothered approaching me...
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    Mask Report

    Never heard of that place, 70 vendors??
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    Mask Report

    Went to target in California and Tractor supplies without issue. Surprisingly saw more people wearing masks at Walmart and tractor supplies than at target