New chipotle in Charlotte hall is awful


Did they bother training their employees at all?

Both times I went. You get the smallest scoops of meat and the employees could not figure out how online orders work. The chicken is chewy as if they never bothered to cut the fat off. I literally had to start a damn scene to get food I ordered with, with proof on my phone that I already paid.

If you had a similar situation please leave a review. Maybe if it’s bombarded enough the management will fix it before it just becomes another trash restaurant

I rarely complain but I’ve been 4 times and it has been trash service/product out of 3 of those. I go to different chipotles all the time and it can be a crap shoot but not that many times in a row. It’s just really bad


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The last two times I have been to the one in Prince Frederick, the steak was very chewy and I have not been back. I just go to Salsarita's now when I want a steak burrito.


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Never eaten at any Chipolte. My SIL used to love it. I guess she still does.
As far as fast food goes, it's better than most; or at least it is when they make the food correctly. That doesn't make it great, certainly not better than the real sit down Mexican places we have (except maybe Salsas), but I would take it over Taco Bell / McDonalds, KFC, etc.


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I've never been big on Chipotle. It was such a fad for awhile and the lunch lines were super long that I wanted to see what all the shouting was about.


I haven't felt the need to go back. Here in PCB we have Diego's Burrito Factory ("Let Us Roll You a Fat One") that people rave about and I think it's pretty meh too. It's Chipotle with a liquor license and not very good margaritas.


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We're just too spoiled with home cooking. Even my sons and their families seldom eat out. (I made sure all my sons enjoy good food, AND know how to cook.)

Made a big pot of chicken chili last night, served with rice and all the fixins. Tonight we'll scoop it on tortillas and fry up some quesadillas.

Seldom get complaints here.

I was waiting for the complaints over a charred steak a couple weeks ago. But since that happened because I was in the house babying an oyster stew, and I was told it was wonderful (🤢), not a word about the steak was uttered.

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Today is "chili day" here at the compound. Wife makes a huge batch of the bestest chili ever and freezes it in 2-serving tubs. She's doing that while I'm making the scrapple from yesterday's hog-processing.
Y'all take "makin' bacon" to a whole new level. :yay:


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Y'all take "makin' bacon" to a whole new level. :yay:
We've rolled it back a lot in recent years. We used to kill the hogs at the farm, gut, scald and scrape them ourselves. We used to cure and smoke the bacon and salt-cure and smoke the hams. And process 10 hogs in a weekend.

Now I just buy the hams from Clifty Farms and the bacon from Kuntzlers and we only process 5 hogs in a weekend..buying them already cleaned scraped and chilled from an Amish farmer. Gittin lazy in my olds age..