1. Yooper

    That 70's Show

    A lost war then, a lost war now. The fall of Saigon (and helicopter rides) then, the fall of Kabul (and helicopter rides) now. Inflation then, inflation now. Gasoline shortages then, potential gasoline shortages now. Looney environmentalism then, looney environmentalism now...
  2. Yooper

    The Bee Has Been On A Righteous Roll Lately! Even though it looks like I've linked to a specific story, the link actually takes you to The Bee's home page so you can see its latest stories. Very, very funny. The gender reveal one had me :roflmao: --- End of line (MCP)
  3. Yooper

    Allow Me To Introduce Ammo Grrrll

    Former stand-up comedienne, Susan Vass, writes a weekly column at the Powerline blog every Friday. Never misses a week. Culture, politics, feminism, she writes/jokes about it all. This week's is (link) "THOUGHTS FROM THE AMMO LINE - Ammo Grrrll is happily MARRIED TO AN ENTHUSIAST." Click on...
  4. Yooper

    Shouldn't An Expert Actually Be Good At What She Writes About...?

    The state of "quality journalism" these days. Also (& unfortunately) representative of far too many young adults these days.... Another loser/poser like the young "lady" we discussed yesterday, Jaya Saxena (