12 Worst Pick Up Lines Ever, As Overheard By Your Bartender


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Here are the 12 worst pickup lines ever, as overheard by your bartender:​

1. Healthy living​

"I was a bartender years ago at the infamous Maxwell’s Plum in NYC. Perhaps the worst pickup line I ever heard was when some guy said with an air of absurd self-confidence: 'Hey, baby, why don’t you come back to my place and we can check out the health foods.' The woman and I cut each other a look that was priceless." -Gilbert

2. Solving world problems​

"Guy: You know what the world needs?
Girl: What's that?
Guy: More half Syrian, Half Mexican babies…
(She was Mexican, and he was Syrian)" -Gloria, 31

3. Honest answers​

"A guy wearing a camo shirt, jeans, Timberland boots, and a Bud Light baseball hat while holding a Bud Light was talking to a cute blonde girl at the bar. She asks, 'So, what do you do in life?' His response: 'I hunt, I drink and I f***.' He pauses, takes a sip, looks at her, and says, 'But tonight I'm not hunting.'" -Chris



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I've rarely ever heard anyone even try a pickup line because their success has very little to do with "clever" or delivery - but everything to do with the desirability of the person making it. And at that point, you could recite Homer's Iliad and the prospect would go for it, because she's not entirely LISTENING.

A long time ago, I read that by far, the most successful "pickup" line is basically - - "Hi". Because if your appearance, demeanor, style and confidence have any effect, you only need that. Clever won't make any difference.


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Check out this song from the early 1960s...."Wives and Lovers" Jack Jones
My parents had Jack Jones albums - and that song in particular.
It may sound corny, but it is good advice both ways - in a marriage you should always try to make yourself appealing to your partner.


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OMG, did she really fall for that?!

Hook, line & sinker.



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Anyone can say something stupid. I wan't to see a list of the worst pickup lines, that actually worked....