2 Sheep and a Goat for Sale


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I've got ads in the classifieds.

I've got 2 purebred Romney ram lambs for sale. They were born on 3/4/11. These are really nice boys and would be great studs for a flock, or they'd be great sold as castrated pets too. Romneys grow well on grass, and their wool is wonderful for handspinning and felting. They can be sold seperately or together. They're on their way to being halter trained, and they'd make good 4-H projects for youngsters. They've been weaned and are vaccinated and are ready to go.

I also have an Oberhasli buck kid for sale. He was born on 3/15/11. He is disbudded, weaned, and vaccinated. He was bottle raised on CAE prevention program. His dam is milking a gallon a day, and his sire's dam has won Best Doe in Show and is a good milker. He would make a great buck for breeding or he'd be an awesome pet. Oberhaslis aren't like other goat breeds, they're quiet and calm and make great pets.

Please email or PM me if you're interested!


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Brutus the goat is still available, and he's a wether now (castrated) so he'd make a great pet. :smile: I can get updated pictures later if needed. :smile:


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Sorry highnote, I responded to your PM. I'm not on here very much anymore. :smile:

And thanks red! :blushing: :howdy:


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Brutus is still available and is a very sweet boy! I've lowered the price as well. If you need a buddy for him, his half brother (who is a year older) is also available. They're nice boys and would make great pets!