2014 Hay Availability Information - Listing of Sources


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Since information can change from year to year, I thought it would be a good idea to start a HAY thread. I actually ran out of hay in July due to my 2 eating more hay than I expected due to the long Winter. My supply usually lasts into September/October.

Hay type: Orchard Grass
Number of bales usually harvested and type of bales: 700-1,000 small square bales
Location: Hughesville (not far from Oak Ridge)

I just picked up my 1st load and this year his 1st cut is so good (not stemmy). He prefers I not widely publicize his contact information since his hay supply is limited. You can pickup from his barn, or have him deliver and/or stack for an additional charge. You'll have to contact him about his current pricing. PM me if you want his contact information.

Who else knows of (or is selling) available hay this year?


Adopt me please !
bump - anyone have insight to any current hay suppliers?

There is a guy I used to buy hay from that came from Western MD and sold Brome hay. I loved that hay as did my horses. I lost his contact information though. Anyone know how to contact him? If I heard his name I'd remember.