The handler is going to be in PA, but Im open. Rivers Edge, Tequila Grill, Burger King, doesnt matter to me.


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Hope all of you have a great time no matter where you gather. :) Have a good and safe evening.

I ain't that old yet! But Thanks in advance!!! My last day as a 41 year old.

:drummer: Happy Birthday :drummer:

My daughter is counting the days too, she will be 42 on Mon. the 30th.



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No takers, so it's just us! :getdown:

Or we might just take Thing2 & a friend out to the Ruddy Duck to celebrate his 18th birthday early. His buddy graduated last year and is in the Army, but home on leave for the 1st time since summer.


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I would drag Mr. J out tonight, but we already accepted a dinner invite. I guess I will see you all in 2014. :buddies:


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My date and I had a wonderful meal, watched a good movie, and we had a really great time. :yay:

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