A different Idea for get togethers


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Since I don't read all the threads can you guys please send me a personal invitation when you do things so I can join you if I don't have anything better to do?



Finishing last
Shoot I should log in here more often. I missed this thread. Is it too late to join? I like the zoo.:bunny:


Routinely Derailed
Sorry railroad, but I got a pic of you stalking us.

HAH! I am more nefarious than that. I paid that burka-wearer to act as my decoy. I was cleverly disguised as an owl. See how diabolical my plans for world infiltration can be? :evil:


Finishing last
Remember who liked to hang with the women more than us guys yesterday, he doesnt deserve a vote.:coffee:

Forget that BCP remember who had to pee everytime the wimmens had to pee. Oh and yes I like wimmens more than mens, hmmmmm maybe I'm gay!!!! :jameo: