A different Idea for get togethers


In My Opinion
Can I ask how you keep them hidden? Do I want to know?
I was tossing them on the ground, then he would bend down and pretend to tie his shoe while picking them up.
She caught him on the third quarter and kicked him in the butt so hard he rolled 5 times.
Then she looked at me,

I ran.


once you have been married for a few years, the oven is one of the safest places to hide things.
Not like it ever gets opened for anything.
I asked the wife once if she could put the dishes in the dishwasher. She opened the oven, thinking it was the dishwasher.


I thought it was a contest to see WHO WAS the biggest a**! :shrug:

I was once told that as long as you had a dollar in your wallet, you were not a vagrant! :dance:
Is that why you voted for me? :mad:

P.S.- I am putting you on iggy for being FB friends with the handler and not me.