A Question for the Guys (Girls too!)


Lead Penguin
At my age, I would not be interested in a divorced man.

I can't relate and don't have the patience...simple because I can't fathom the thought of having been married in my past...
I don't feel this is unfair.

Maybe once I hit 30+...I would be more willing to entertain the thought of a divorced man... At that point, I could rationalize why someone 30+ could have married and divorced.

If for some strange out of this world reason...had I been married and divorced by now, I would seek to find a man who shares a similar past.... which would result in a mutual understanding of each other.

I guess I'm picky... I want someone who is on the same level as me... and someone on a parallel road in life.


Lead Penguin

Your friend shouldn't be upset. She was honest and I commend her for that. Be who you are and be up front....that way you remove a lot of B.S. Had she lied or hidden...it would have surfaced later...and become a problem.

Besides, if he can't accept her for who she is....with her past, present, and future.... then he is not the man for her.