Ah Yes ... Acceptance of Gays - Next Pedo's or Incest


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One of my greats shot and killed a female impersonator in a Philly bar.
One of my dad's uncles, Morris Forer, had a Speakeasy in Springfield, MA.
I found out that his father, my Grampa Harold, would run whiskey for Morris.

Morris is most noted for being the father of June Foray, the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel and many hundreds of other characters over the course of her career. She started in radio at age 12. Her final role was the summer after she turned 98.


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I’m just going to warn you upfront that there is some very disturbing content coming your way here, so if you tend to become queasy you might want to give this a pass. The story that’s been going viral on social media this week involves Jazz Jennings, the transgender star of the reality TV series “I am Jazz.” He was pushed into “transitioning” to be a girl by his mother at the age of five or six and went through all of the steps associated with that process as a child. Cross-dressing led to hormones. He was put on puberty blockers for most of his life, leading to full genital mutilation surgery before he was even an adult. And now, in a video clip where he’s talking to his mother, he tearfully confesses, “I don’t feel like me ever.” (PJ Media)

If there’s a perfect test case for “transitioning” young children, it must be Jazz Jennings.
Born Jared Jennings in 2000, Jennings gained fame at a young age, barely 6, when he publicly identified as trans and received all the positive reinforcement from his mother and even celebrities like Oprah that any child could ever crave…
Jared chose the female name Jazz after Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin, his favorite Disney princess. But now he says on his current TV show, I Am Jazz, “All I want is to be happy and feel like me, and I don’t feel like me, ever.”

This video clip of Jazz has made it out into the wild and it’s hard to watch. The is someone who clearly seems to be melting down.



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Gay dating app Grindr has threatened to out the names of every Republican legislator and party official with an account there if the GOP “doesn’t stop passing homophobic and transphobic laws,” and progressive Twitter has gone wild with approval.

THIS is the kind of action we need from businesses daily,” wrote one Twitter user, even though, technically, Grindr could really only do this for 50 days. Fifty-one if the District of Columbia gets statehood.

Youth Victory Fund founder Elijah Manley went one better and claimed that “I already know half of them that do.” Either Manley has great connections or he’s out partying every night.

To be fair, others were less thrilled: “Can’t see any legit company which servers the gay community forcing people out of the closet.” Indeed. A company that breaks its own terms of service and outs its own users isn’t going to stay in business very long.

And yet some couldn’t wait to share the news with their least-favorite conservatives. One user named Concerned Citizen repeated and tagged “Christ First” former Delaware GOP senate nominee Lauren Witzke with it.

Still others couldn’t help but notice the blatant hypocrisy:



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I don't hate people who believe they can become any sex they want to, I feel a bit sorry for them, and I feel that people who accept this fallacy as being sane are as crazy as the Tranny is. Are we supposed to accept every crazy notion that mentally ill people dream up?