Another T-Storm Watch


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I took his post to mean the airline provided the bus and the riders had to pay for fuel??
Exactly. We waited as a group for more than an hour before an airline rep told us we were going to be carried via ground transportation. The transportation they arranged was horrible....and the driver was broke and apparently had a gas card that didn’t work.


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Alarm just went off on my weather radio and leonardtown is getting darker.
And if you haven't noticed it getting dark and rumbles in the air..... I've just gotten 5 new warnings/watches for severe t-storms in the past 5 minutes.
60 mph wind and quarter sized hail for central St. Mary's.
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Northern Calvert isn't in the watch area, but it's getting dark and I've heard distant rumbling.
Hella hail and hellacious wind and rain passed through Leonardtown! Branches down all over the tree lined roads!


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Cant make coffee cause the grinder is electric. Tried smashing the little bastards with the meat pounder mallet, those suckers are very hard. Network is up n running off battery.