Any suggestions for fire and smoke damage restoration services?


Hello everyone!
Recently my friend faced a very tragic situation where her house was on fire due to a short circuit and thank god no casualties were there. But the furniture, appliances, and majority of the interior were damaged. She resides in our neighborhood and after few days we started to look for a fire damage restoration organization. But unfortunately, the results were negative. Can someone suggest a good fire damage restoration organization? Does any here heard about PDR services? After visit site, found preety good review about them.
Thanks for any response
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My Mom and 2 friends used Liberty Construction in Waldorf 301-885-3785 and they have a whole division dedicated to restoration after a fire. My Mom said that they know their stuff when it comes to dealing with homeowner's insurance companies and they helped her to get her property restored to HER satisfaction with OEM products vs substandard and cheaper generic substitutes.