Back in our SPI happy place!


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We did this on Thursdays in the summer back when we all went to work. We'd push an office cart around with ice cream bars and stuff in it and charge a dollar. Any proceeds went to local charities like the soup kitchen, or women's shelter or something nearby in LP City. We had little cardboard clip-ons for the cart so it looked like an ice cream truck and played goofy music. Everyone loved it. It was a little bit of a PITA for us coordinators, but making it seasonal helped keep it from being something taxing.


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Today we had a horseback ride excursion with the campground guests. Nice turnout and everyone had a blast. Afterward we hit up the Porky truck for BBQ "buffet" because I couldn't decide what I wanted so I got a bunch of stuff - beef ribs, brisket, a loaded potato, sausage, charro beans, and slaw. We'll be eating on it for a couple of days.

Last night we went to Louie's Backyard hoping for that cheesy kale baked potato they had last year, but for some ungodly reason they discontinued it. WHY??? :cds: But the shrimp and fish I ended up with was pretty good. Unfortunately we got to playing trivia and I drank a bunch of beers, woke up at 3am violently ill and my stomach is still rough.

I'm pretty bent about that because I do love sitting on a barstool playing games and chatting up the folks while enjoying a local craft brew. I had decided that occasionally the pleasure is worth the pain, but it's becoming less and less so. :mad:

Oh well.

Tomorrow is a sunrise social, with breakfast on the deck, and Saturday I have entertainment coming and and we'll be serving up rootbeer floats. February is so full of activity that it will be over in the blink of an eye, and mid-March we hit to road for Florida and then up to Maryland.