Up. Identified. Lase. Fire. On the way.
I'm watching "Bananas" (Woody Allen) and am amazed how 2020 is so 1971. History may not be repeating, but the rhyming is pretty close.

Two asides.

First, Woody Allen's line early in the film, "I'm doing a study on perversion...all the way up to child molesting" really hasn't held up well. Has it?

Second, the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) dude says "Bananas" is Allen's best. Maybe for him, but I liked "Sleeper" much more. And I loved "Love and Death" ("My father has a piece of land. He plans to build on it some day" is - to me - one of the funniest bits ever). And I'm sure others will say "Annie Hall" is better than "Bananas." Or "Manhattan." FTR, I'm not a fan of either, but whatever...

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