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Best pizza I ever had was Victory Pig Pizza in Wyoming PA.

Of course, that was forty years ago, and when I mentioned it last weekend to my older sister, she gave me a puzzled look and said "that place with the overpriced thick cheesy pizza that they served way too hot?".

So everyone has their own opinion. They do however have a website, and you can have it DELIVERED.

Probably WON'T still be hot, YMMV.


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We rolled into Flagstaff today and went to Fat Olive's - this is one of the better pies I've had. 00 flour makes all the difference.


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Mamma Lucia's by the Bay in Chesapeake Bay with their Napoletano wood fire pizza oven. I've talked to one of the owners, Maria, a couple of times. She's actually from Naples, and I've told her I think that pizza is the best I've had anywhere, really. Well, except for when I lived in Naples. :jet:



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The Ironwood Grille at Breton Bay Golf and Country Club! However, you are kindly requested to stay away so another good thing isn't ruined. :)
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Adelphi, university blvd. is the one I remember best.
They moved from Adelphi to College Park some years ago. It's the best Ledo's. The other Ledos franchised in PG County are very good but maybe not quite as good as the original (now in CP). I tried the one in Lusby and it's the worst Ledo's I've had by far. The flavor is the same but it's VERY skimpy on toppings and everything else. Which one do you go to down here?


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Ahhhh, Fireside! I went there for dinner before my senior prom.
Loved growing up in that area.

I have driven through a few times over the years since my grandfather passed and the whole area seems to have turned to ####.



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The Italian Inn (now closed) over in Hyattsville used to be a good place.
Places we used to go when I was living there were Ledos, Leonis, Fireside, Sweeneys and a little place that sat on Riggs Road between east-west Hwy and Seargent Road. ( I believe it was called Crazy Horse but could be wrong. ) They had good barbecue and cole slaw.

If we wanted to go for Seafood we'd make a day of it at Colonial Beach and go to Parkers for Crabs.