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Ok, reminiscing about old pizza places made me think of a couple places near me when I grew up in Forestville - Shakey's, Pappy's, and then Pappy's turned to a little restaurant called Villa Sara. We would go in there and get pizza and pitchers of beer - they never carded.


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Locally? Three Brothers or Napolies in Waldorf. But they can't hold a candle to "The LaBaita" in Mosbach Germany.


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After reading people pick Ledo Pizza as the best, I had a hankering to pick one up, since I haven't had them for so long. Sorry, but if you pick them as the best pizza, your taste buds must be a bit off... Just my opinion. Cheers!

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As far as chain Pizza goes their pretty good ,heads above Domino's ,Pizza Hut or Papa John's.................