BINGO anyone???


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Come on out to OLSS School SATURDAY for a fun filled afternoon.
win Longaberger Baskets, and other nice prizes. Help support our school, and bring your own crowd if you'd like. Call ahead and you qualify for another prize.

$20 for 20 games, then we have special games with filled baskets.
Doors open at 4:30, games begin at 5:30.

Family friendly :)


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A successful Bingo Night. Thanks!

90 Alexander Lane
Solomons, MD 20688

A first for OLSS School (Our Lady Star of the Sea). We hope to do it again.

What a great night of fun and lots of BINGO's, door prizes raffles, and good food.
A special thanks to the teachers and staff who dedicated a lot of time and effort into making this happen. They are WONDERFUL!!

Thanks to all the businesses who supported us. We are blessed...


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OLSS = Our Lady Star of the Sea


Even the site name actually reads OLSSS, but everything within the site says OLSS. Guess the third S was too many? :shrug:
Well, there is our church (OLSS church) and then there is our school
OLSS School. Too many letter "s' in the abbreviation and our school has been around since 1933. Our school has great history, and was originally OLSS Academy. That is even on the brick wall near the water. I guess there was a change at some point.

The website, which has not been around since 1933 (obviously) is OLSSS (so not to be confused with our church site). They do link to each other.

We, marketing of the school, are trying to help get the OLSS out there enough so others know who we are without always spelling it out. I know that takes time...our colors are gold and navy blue, and around this military area, those are easy to remember.

Hope this helps :) Please help us become more noticed. It's a good school!