Buccs @ Cats...


Football addict
Come on Buddy, wildcard race you got to be kidding 8 and 8 if we get lucky and beat the Bengals, which maybe our last win. Philly the way they are playing now will be a loss and the 49ers playing much better now could also be a loss. It may end up the wildcard teams will have to have a 11-5 record to get in, 10-6 proably wont get you in.
The last four out of five teams have been the absolute best in defense. I think we play just a hint better against Cincy and the 9ers.

I still stick by my original prediction for the season, 9-7. That won't make the playoffs though. As a fan though, I believe 10-6 will get you in. I think Dallas will lose at least one more game. You just can't give up, not this early. The off-season is just too long to give up now.:lol: