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I could ask two women on my bus where they get the PJs they wear to work and pass it along.


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I could ask two women on my bus where they get the PJs they wear to work and pass it along.
Funny, I used to see women in their PJs all the time at work in DC...but nary a one in the 10 yrs I've been down hear near PAX, but then again I haven't stopped in the Walmart here.


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Looking for the best place to buy business casual work clothing. Recently got a new job and have to have dress little better then the polo shirt and jeans currently wear.
What stores would be the best? I would order online but when I do it seems nothing fits right.
Congrats on the new job!


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JC Pennys, Kohls, Belks and I think Peebles is still open in Prince Frederick. Also, sometimes you can find some real bargains at consignment shops. My daughter goes to one in Annapolis and she comes out of there with Ann Taylor suits with tags still on them.


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Not sure where you live but there are a few thrift stores that often have awesome clothing for low prices; many times brand new with tags. I have found some nice clothes at the SPOT in St Leonard (their basement is full of nice apparel) and the Hospice Shop in Prince Frederick (behind the Outback Steak house). There is a shop in Asbury that is only open once a month (Betty's?) that is supposed to have very nice clothing as well as furniture.
And for the record, I can afford to buy brand new clothing but I find a better variety at these places and often petite jeans that fit me. And I do like the prices ;-} I can often pick up (once expensive) flannel shirts for my husband for $4 and jeans for $8 or less. I bought a beautiful men's cashmere jacket (that was made in DC) for $5. I put some feminine buttons on it and is soooo warm.

And congrats on the new job!