NASCAR Charlotte, Coke 600


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Joe Gibbs is the man! Too bad he didn't stay in the NFL. Skins fan would be a lot happier if he never stopped coaching.


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Charolette Results
1- Truex Jr
2- Logano
3- Kyle Busch
5- Stenhouse
Standing AFTER Charolette
Monello 40+6=46
Calvcopf 38+8=46
Homedepot20 39+3=42
OldHillCrestGuy 33+3=36
Stgislander 34+1=35
Next Race , Sunday 2 June @ POCONO
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This is where having the bonus of getting them in the right finishing order comes in handy. Otherwise every gets more or less the same points unless they select the winner.

FWIW, I wish more drivers did better. I think last year taught me that there is an elite dozen or so drivers, then there is the rest of the pack.
Logano placing 2nd gave you 4 points . Well Played :yahoo:
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