Cheapest Brazilian EVER!!!!


The state does not license her to pull out pubic hair is my point..

By definition they are TRAINED to give facials.. and give ADVICE about makeup, and skin and hair care.. I'd like to see how you can make the connection between facials and tearing out pubes by the roots..

That's like saying I'm a factory trainind and ASE certified mechanic (which I'm not), but if you lay down on my creeper I can take care of those pubes for you.. I mean, I AM licensed after all..
An esthetician does waxing and depilatory, and yes they are state licensed.


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They use the hard wax, which is much gentler on your skin. It just grips the hair, but the more you go the easier it gets. Your hair gets thinner making the process less painful. (Mine has also gotten lighter in color). If you are really interested start with a regular bikini and work your way up.

The also sell a product that contains lidocaine that may help. I haven't used it yet.
Just take 800mg ibuprofen 30 minutes before and you should be fine.


I got a roll of duct tape and a bottle of old crow, freebee anyone?