D@mn Rabbit!


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wonder if MD wabbits know what a coyote is......????


According to Maryland DNR
Coyotes were originally western animals. They now inhabit most of North America. Locally, they are found in all of the Mid-Atlantic States and all Maryland counties.

Coyotes live in a wide variety of habitats including grasslands, mountains, woodlands and farms. They are very adaptable and readily use areas developed by humans such orchards, fields, gardens and even backyards

DNR Coyote page

I've never seen one around here, but I've seen them in Baltimore County


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I've heard that ringing your garden with marigolds will keep the critters out. I'm sorry to say that I don't know why, but I'll happily look into it when I get home this evening if you like.
Actually I am 90% sure that the marigold thing is for insects not critters like rabbits and it is the strong smell that they produce that wards off the bugs. I cannot say that it works 100% but I have planted large patches of Marigolds in my Veggie Garden and the areas arounf them had a lot less bugs.

There is also a granulated product that you can purchase at Lowes or Southern States that has some biodigradable chemicals in it that keeps rabbits,dogs, cats and such away. you can also use Mothballs or moth ball flakes., I think the flakes are better if you can fine them