Dinner Thread!


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Vegan Haggis.
Gotta be better than the real thing :twitch:

We're in El Paso and went to a Mexican buffet. There was very little we recognized in the bins, and no dish names posted. So we winged it. Most of it was delicious, whatever it was, except I accidentally ate liver and had no place to spit it when I realized what it was.


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Foxhound smoked 2 corned beefs that come in the typical brined packaging in the smoker and they came out fantastic! He will have to fill you in on the particulars, but I know he soaked them a while, so they wouldn't be "as salty" (for me), but they could actually soak overnight and would still be fine. He used yellow mustard to hold spices that he rubbed on the outsides (I think he used the spices that come with the corned beef). I can't recall which wood he used for smoking. I think 1 was pecan.

I cooked the cabbage and potatoes separately and they were great, too, if I do say so myself. (and I do!) I don't like mushy white potatoes, when I eat potatoes. I used the little red new potatoes and I cooked them within some of the cabbage in one of my Princess House ceramic waterless dishes in the micro about 10 minutes. They were so good that way.

The only thing I cooked my cabbage in was a little of the "better than bullion" chicken stock and water, and black pepper. The cabbage was so tasty and sweet, we didn't miss that it wasn't cooked with the corned beef.



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Yesterday's dinner was a bunch of boned chicken thighs seasoned with Zoe's kitchen spice mix and cooked on the grill. I like the thighs better than the breast when grilling. The thigh fat makes for a juicier finished product in my opinion. It reminds me of a Greek inspired dish.

That was couples with 2 enormous artichokes. The chokes by themselves were almost a meal by themselves.


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I'm skipping lunch today in favor of going home and making pancakes and link maple sausage for dinner.


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Made a big pot of chili last night. Didn't eat any, let it cool down and put it in the 'frige for the flavors to marry. Should be awesome when I heat it back up tonight for dinner - garnished with raw onions, black olives, shredded cheese and sour cream.