DIY channel; Beachfront Bargain Hunt is doing St. Mary's

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I don't usually watch it (wife's show) so I left out ":Renovation". Also it was HGTV being shown on DIY channel. Here is a link to that edition - Don't know if you can view the full show or not (Season 4, episode 10).
Thank you. That's what I found too, but when I click on the links it leads to nothing and when I look on HULU the episodes don't match. I really wish I could have seen that. It never ceases to amaze me what that area looks like now in comparison to what it was when I was stationed here.

Do you remember Duffys? Years ago I took a ride down there and at the time the cement block it was built on was still there and to the right of it this big gorgeous home that looked like something on Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard, one of those ritzy places, only bigger and more spectacular. From the causeway, I can see other homes that are almost as nice and mixed in between the places that always looked like they were just a strong breeze from falling apart. It's pretty eclectic.


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Duffy's was about as far as you could go. I think there were a couple of houses past it but not much more.