Donald Sutherland can't forget affair with star who had 'most beautiful breasts in world'


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Sutherland told GQ: "I was with Jane Fonda at the /Chelsea Hotel in 1970, maybe ’71. It was a room with a big bed and, to the right, four or five stairs to a landing that led to the bathroom. There was a little oval window on the landing and there was a street light shining through that window though it seemed more like moonlight, so maybe it was the moon, I like to think it was the moon.

"I was lying on my back on the bed when Jane came out of the bathroom. She, too, was naked, and when the moonlight caught her perfect breasts I stopped breathing. Everything stopped. And then it started again. Now, when I see it in my memory, I stop breathing again."

It's easy to believe. The actress has maintained her extraordinary figure through the decades, although this year she finally allowed her natural grey hair to shine.


I can think of a dozen different actresses ... better than Hanoi Jane


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I'm drinking the most amazing coffee - Waffleberry that I got from Speeder & Earl's. Their Maple French Roast is probably my most favorite coffee ever, though. The beans are a bit oily, which makes the coffee taste really rich.


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I'd drop Andress and add Natalie Wood
I can’t say I remember anything she made as an adult. Every time I see her name comes up I think of miracle on 34th St.

Edit: I did a quick look up and I do remember the movie “the searchers” just didn’t remember it was her. Never really sat through West side story or splendor in the grass.


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I'm shock none of you picked Kamala.