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Dad Will No Longer Face Criminal Charges For Calling Leftist Activist A Groomer

A father facing criminal prosecution for a tweet accusing a far-left education activist of “grooming” got a reprieve Thursday when prosecutors told the judge they would not seek to move forward.

“After a review of the facts and evidence for the four claims brought by Mr. [Jorge] Torrico, the Commonwealth does not believe there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the above-mentioned charges,” Fairfax County, Virginia, assistant prosecutor Paul Vitale wrote in a court filing.


The summons said Jackson’s words could break the law by being insults that “tend to violence and breach of the peace,” but there was nothing about calling an activist’s behavior grooming that was a call for violence, she said. The summons invoked an obscure law enacted in 1950 making it illegal to impugn the chastity of a woman.

In a filing Thursday, Descano’s office moved to “nolle pros” the case, which means it is not seeking to move forward, but could re-file the charges. Medvin said that’s not enough.

“The government’s request is a constitutional copout. By seeking to nolle prosequi instead of joining Defendant in his Motion to Dismiss and securing dismissal on constitutional grounds, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is opening the door to continued harassment of Harry Jackson and any other individual whom the Complainant and others like him find offensive,” she wrote in a court filing in response. “The Defendant is seeking enforcement of his constitutional right to free speech. The Defendant is seeking dismissal with prejudice, a true closure in a criminal case.”


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🔥 Fox News reported an article yesterday headlined, “New Jersey to Require 2nd Graders Learn About Gender Identity in Fall, Alarming Parents.” The chilling sub-headline explains, “Sample NJ lesson plan says, ‘You might feel like you’re a boy even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘girl’ parts’.”

Uh oh.

On an aside, something basic about all this trans mumbo-jumbo has confused me. How does a young girl even know what feeling like a boy is like? I mean, we’re talking about her subjective experience, right? If she’s never BEEN a boy, how does she know what a boy “feels like?” In fact, what DOES “feeling like” a boy even feel like, apart from a constant desire to mansplain things to girls and a frequent doglike temptation to explosively eructate at inappropriate moments? I mean, is there a list or something? Do you “just know?” Is that “science?”

New Jersey’s proposed new lesson plan, effective in September, doesn’t help me much. It just says, “Gender identity is that feeling of knowing your gender.” Okay, but WHAT exactly is the “feeling of knowing?” Is it something you learn? Is it implanted at birth? Can you mistake it for something else? Can you ever feel like you know you’re a girl, but you’re mistaken and that’s really a feeling of knowing you’re a boy? Can the feeling ever change? If it can change, should you wait on the hormones and the castration surgery to see if the feeling drifts another way?

The lesson plan further confused me when it suggested, “you might not feel like you’re a boy or a girl, but you’re a little bit of both.” So, if you’re in this middle category, do you have BOTH feelings, girl feelings and boy feelings? That’s a lot of feelings. What does a “little bit” of feeling like a boy feel like? How do you tease the two types of feelings apart? How do you tell which is which?

I realize I’m only a low-brow neanderthal who likes to drive fast cars and identifies as super-straight and stuff but maybe somebody could take just a brief second to explain it to me like I’m five and in need of gender reassignment surgery.

New Jersey’s second grade lesson plan requires kids to be able to “identify at least four body parts” from female and male genitalia.” Four? There are FOUR? The lesson plan also requires students to be able to describe “why it is important for them to know the correct names for the genitals.”

It’s “important” for second graders to know all the names for both sex’s genitals? Important to who? In second grade?? That’s totally NOT grooming, right? I mean, I KNOW it’s not grooming, don’t be silly, but remind me again, what’s the actual difference between this lesson plan and PROPER grooming?

Some people are over-reacting. Republican state Senator Michael Testa, who did not mince words with a Fox News reporter, called the elementary school sex education lesson plans “child abuse.” Can you believe that?



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Ever watch the movie Kindergarten cop?
There is a kid in the class that says boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.
It gets a laugh and later the kid says it again.
It's like all this kid can think about
Well it's no joke.
Why mess with young kids teaching them about sex.? They learn that themselves
Let them alone.
The world has gone centuries without educating children about queers, perverts, and anal sex .
I think it could make it much longer without it.
It's not necessary and it's recruitment.


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Ya know what I like kids coming to their own realization of their gender.

I like the hell out of kids being heteronormative.
They can stick their Gender mixing right up their ass.

skip ahead to the 5 min mark

That guys is a freak I would not allow within a mile of my kids.


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Defending American Democracy Requires We Start by Crushing the Public School Weirdos

Step One:

Stop pretending teachers are, as a group, people worthy of our special respect and deference. Everyone had some great teachers. I remember a couple who made a difference for me. Neither was a pinko with delusions of genderfluidity. But let’s face it – most teachers are undistinguished time-serving hacks who drone along awaiting their pension. When I think of teachers, I remember the middle school math teacher I saw stagger out of the bar half in the bag at the Denny's I worked at. Yeah, the early eighties were lit – bars in Denny's!

As a group, "educators" are not smarter than us, and their track record of actually educating is a trainwreck. Do you think kids today are better educated than they were 40 or even 20 years ago? Maybe in terms of pronouns and privilege, but not in anything that's not nonsense. For too long, we gave teachers the benefit of the doubt. No longer. Now we need to give them orders and ultimatums.

Step Two:

Ban teachers' unions. Public employee unions are a disaster anyway, but teachers' unions are the worst. One lib teacher whining is insufferable. Hundreds of thousands banding together and funding the Democrats in return for influence is an apocalypse. It gives the worst people the most power over the most important thing – our kids' future. Exhibit A: The COVID madness, in which the laziness and paranoia of unionized teachers stole years of our kids' lives. Put overpaid grifters like Randi Weingarten and the rest of her poisonous ilk out of a job permanently.

Step Three:

When they called you a "terrorist" for participating in democracy, they gave the game away. Activism works. Now, we need to take it to the next level by not just going to school board meetings but by running for the school board. And we have to withstand the lies and slanders when we act. Ban CRT. Ban gender weirdness. Ban grooming behavior. Get rid of porn and propaganda. Impose pro-family, pro-American curricula in place of the Marxist dross masquerading as education nowadays. They will scream and they will shout. They will call you “Nazis,” “racists,” and “transphobes.” But guess what? They are already calling you “Nazis,” “racists,” and “transphobes.” Ignore their howls and protests; fire those who will not conform. Be ruthless – for your kids’ sake.


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Everyone had some good teachers . I agree with that, but everyone had some bad ones too.
When I went to school in the fifties the bad were outnumbered by the good at 2 to 1.


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School board association sued for policies that 'unconstitutionally silence parents'

The Missouri School Boards Association is being sued for not producing its communications about school boards meeting public comment policies with the National School Boards Association, the National Education Association and local school boards.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation on Tuesday filed a lawsuit accusing the state school board group of violating Missouri's Sunshine law, which requires meetings and records to be made public.

"When we see local school boards across various states all changing their policies in an effort to limit public comment and unconstitutionally silence parents, we have an obligation to the public to find out who is driving these changes," SLF General Counsel Kimberly Hermann said in a press release.


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Texas Teacher Fired, Faces Jail Time For Reportedly Showing Kids Porn

A high school teacher in Texas lost his job and may face jail time after reportedly showing students a pornographic film during class time, according to the Daily Mail.

Former teacher Kevin Welchel is no longer employed at Klein Collins High School in Houston. Welchel was reportedly watching a pornographic video on his laptop and it popped up on a projector during a high school class, according to Daily Mail.

The district reportedly charged the former educator with “display of harmful material to a minor.” Welchel could face a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000 if he’s found guilty, the outlet reported.


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Christian Divinity School Recites Prayer to the 'Great Queer One,' Who's a 'Drag Queen and Trans Man'

When you pray, to whom do you speak? It’s certainly a personal choice.

If you’re Christian, options might seem sparse. But they don’t have to be, as recently illustrated by Duke Divinity School.

Duke University, as you may know, is a United Methodist college. And in a video from a March 22nd service, the Protestant school invokes life’s Creator with a twist.

“Good morning, the Holy and Queer One be with you,” a girl in a sparkly gold jacket begins.

For anyone wishing to later reference her, they list their pronouns:

“Good morning, and welcome to worship. My name is Caroline Camp. I use she/they pronouns. I am the communications coordinator for Duke Divinity Pride, and I’m ecstatic to see this worship space so full and so vibrant with color. Thank you all for being here at the first-ever Divinity Pride worship collaboration.”

“We at Divinity Pride want to create a worship space that honors and celebrates all of our unique and good identities.” she says. Caroline touts the day’s speakers and soloists, “who’ll give words to their experiences with the God who calls them.”

From there, she makes clear the mission of the group: affirmation. And she designates a deity — the “Great Queer One.”

“We want to affirm everyone to be who they truly are, to step into the Holy One’s fire that burns away all that says we are not good enough. And refines us by the pentecostal fire to be exactly who the Great Queer One calls us to be.”


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Friday's PBS Newshour linked parents and lawmakers concerned about young children being taught about gender and sexuality in public schools to Qanon "crazies," warning they are "barbarically lunatic" and "dehumanizing" their political opponents, which "can lead to more violence."

Host Amna Nawaz asked New York Times columnist David Brooks and MSNBC host and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart about a PBS interview with a Michigan Democrat state senator who went viral for a recent speech pushing back at Republicans who had accused her of "grooming" and "sexualizing" children. In the interview, the state senator said, "[Republicans are] pulling this language from QAnon conspiracies."

Nawaz agreed with the state senator and turned to Brooks, saying, "But, David, specifically, she's not wrong. A lot of those ideas are very QAnon, dangerous conspiracy theory-related that used to be fringe. We still call it fringe. Is it fringe still?"



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This is so wrong it shouldn't even be controversial.
Leave the kids alone, This teaching of sexuality to young kids is nothing short of Homosexuals recruiting kids for their own sexual purposes. The (Can I say Queers) queers will seek pedophilia soon. That is another reason for this.


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Snitch U: Survey shows 56% of colleges encourage students to rat on one another

Turns out that snitching, like the East German Stasi used to do with citizen collaborators, has become a way of life at Wokester U. At more than half of America's very well endowed universities, students now are urged to snitch on each other in order to police thinking and actual free speech. That's what all this flood of money going to universities has bought for America's young people -- a full comformity with wokesterthink, policed with the diligence of the Stasi. So much for universities being a haven of the free exchange of ideas, as they are in places today like ... Venezuela.

That was yesterday's radicals, though. Once upon a time, U.C. Berkeley in the early 1960s was the home of the "free speech movement." That was back in the days when soggy liberals such as Clark Kerr ran the establishment and truly radical '60s fixtures such as Mario Savio and Bettina Aptheker (daughter of Community Party U.S.A. éminence grise Herbert Aptheker) declared universities havens for the free expression of ideas. Free speech, including filthy speech, rapidly gave the movement the nickname of the "filthy speech movement" among the general public. It was the opening match for the ruinous conflagration of leftwing radicalism that defined the 1960s. Big piles of federal cash rolled into universities back in those days and that was the result.

Today, the result is even more disgusting. Now we have student Stasi member monitoring one another at college dorms, at the student newspaper, at basketball games, in classrooms, at science labs, in on-campus beer-drinking sessions, for any evidence of wrongthink. Penalties can extend from black marks on student transcript records to full blown expulsion, complete with media exposure. Talk out of turn, try out a new idea, and the confidential phone calls, texts and emails begin.

This is a grotesque enforcement of conformity from the administrative class that has taken over university institutions in the wokester era. It is absolutely no different from the kinds of snitching that went on during the Mao and Soviet era. It reeks of Stasi surveillance of locals, and mass citizen collaborators as depicted in "The Lives of Others." Yet the arrogant administrative class, bloated as it is by massive endowments and government spending, revels in the power it bestows on them. Is it any surprise that universities are going downhill, innovating less, producing less art and literature, drawing fewer students and turning out way too many activists? This is the net impact of tons of federal money rolling into universities and the cash going to diversity and other administrative programs.


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Snitch Nation: DC public schools command 4-year-olds to identify the 'racists' in their families

Looks as though Pavlik Morozov, the famous child snitch who turned in his parents to Russia's commissars and became a Soviet hero for it, is still serving as a role model in woke public schools of Washington, D.C.

Here's the latest from Fox News's Jessica Chasmer:

A public elementary school in Washington, D.C., gave children as young as 4 a lesson on "anti-racism" that asked them to identify racist members of their family.
According to a Nov. 30 letter from Janney Elementary School Principal Danielle Singh, students in Pre-K through 3rd grade participated in an "Anti-Racism Fight Club" presentation by speaker Doyin Richards.
"As part of this work, each student has a fist book to help continue the dialogue at school and home," Singh's letter stated, linking to Richards' presentation. "We recognize that any time we engage topics such as race and equity, we may experience a variety of emotions. This is a normal part of the learning and growing process. As a school community we want to continue the dialogue with our students and understand this is just the beginning."

The textbook then taught this:

Under a section titled, "How to deal with racism from loved ones," the book teaches children that "just because someone is older than you doesn't mean that they're right all of the time."
"If someone doesn't believe that people should be treated equally based on the color of their skin, then they are the problem. Parents need to stop making excuses for that behavior if they truly believe in anti-racism," the book says. "Who in your family has racist beliefs? Do you think you can change their ways? What is your strategy for dealing with them?"

This is grotesque. This is no conspiracy theory from the right wing; this is what's going on now in public schools.

Not only does the book undercut the authority of the parents under the all-encompassing rubric of ending racism, but it demands that children as young as four identify family members as "racists" for their teachers. No racists? Better make up one, because for this crowd, the kid is already guilty and therefore hidebound to produce something or else.

It's downright child abuse, given its potential to tear apart families, an evil effect that has been within the leftist ideal-house since the days of the Bolsheviks.

Meanwhile, where that reported information from the newly minted child snitches goes is anyone's guess, but don't think this isn't the age of data science and its monetization. You can bet that data on all the racists in the family will be mined, listed, and used for future purposes at some nightmare date in the future. Doesn't matter that the kids were pressured into making claims, true or not, or that the data themselves from the suggestible children could be false. Someone from this wokester crew will be likely to keep records for future reference.


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Harvard leads wave of campus cancellations with gender ideology, autism clashes

Feminist philosopher Devin Buckley's scheduled lecture on British Romanticism was scuttled when the co-coordinator of the Harvard colloquium googled her, according to the disinvitation letter and Buckley's response posted by the gender-critical Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), on whose board she serves.

Buckley's "public profile is largely rooted in controversial issues regarding trans identity," and WoLF "takes a public stance regarding trans people as dangerous and deceptive," according to the letter.

She responded this was "yet another instance of an elite university punishing (and misrepresenting) someone who questions fashionable far left dogma" on a subject irrelevant to her talk.

Neither she nor WoLF has ever claimed "a person is dangerous simply because he or she identifies as trans," but rather that biological males incarcerated with women "are dangerous in virtue of being predators," Buckley wrote.