Favorite Thing About The Past


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I have that :yay:
"Song of the South"

My dad has a copy of the original book from when he was a kid and for a Christmas present one year we got him a vhs copy of the movie and had it converted to DVD. We had to get it from England because they no longer sell it in the US. I remember having the book read to me as a child but I can't remember what was so offensive that they stopped selling it in the US. Was it because the slaves were portrayed as being happy and care free? Oh well, when you are 5 all you see is a story with talking animals and singing and the political and racial stuff doesn't mean anything.


This all reminds me:

"Do You Remember These?" Statler Brothers

They still have one of the original drive-in A&W's in my old home town. I remember the burgers had names like the mama burger and the daddy burger, or something. Definitely not the same as the menu at the gas station A&W's you see around now.

Also, the Arctic Circle fast food restaurant, which gave out temporary tattoos in their kids meal.


How are Potsie and Malph doing these days, anyway?
According to E! Potsie has a sex tape and Ralph is now Carolyn and wears evening gowns all the time. While we are at it TMZ says Joani was the designer of the new Holiday cup at Starbucks.
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People use to walk all the time. We had a church a few blocks away. Every Sunday all the church goers would pass by the house. Kids playing ball in the street.


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I liked it better when sillyazz girls called handware miTTens instead of "mihh enhs". Thats my contribution for the day.


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Favorite thing about the past? Been there, done that, for better or for worse........


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What's something you miss about the past? Anything at all...post it here. I want to learn about the good ole' days.

This thread has the potential to be really interesting..

i miss having a pager (don't laugh). Between social medial ,texting, calling, etc I feel too accessible compared to the 90s

and i loved when gas was 99 cents :roflmao:

AOL Instant Messenger was fun too. Since I'm a software engineer, it wasn't uncommon to meet a genius programmer or someone else with exceptional talent that could mentor you/help you with college homework.
Taking a trip in the Way Back Machine:
* Riding bicycles around the neighborhood all day long during the summer with my best friend Mark.

*Being Dad's extra pair of hands; helping him work in the yard; work on cars.

*Fishing with Dad and Granddad near the Potomac River Bridge.

*My Granddad

More recently:
*My Dad, My Grampa, my Gramma.....

I could go on, but I won't.


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Sitting on the veranda, sipping mint juleps, and watching the boys picking cotton.