Feral cat houses?


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No emergency exit incase of attack...plastic sweats...those wooden ones are better....
Our barn cat has a barn, well actually an Amish shed, but some cat folks wanted us to use that plastic tote.
We declined, and built a wooden dog house type shelter...with a one way escape hatch in the back! We were told to use straw instead of hay also.
Now our 3 barn cats (...dont ask, I have no idea what #2 and 3 came from), all share the "Cat House" as I call it! :killingme
The feral cat shelters we used to create were similar to the one pictured except that we had an opening at each end so the cat could escape a predator. Obviously having 2 holes make it less warm, however if you place the shelter at an angle which is contrary to the prevailing winds in the Winter (and refined for the particular location, there will be less air passing through. Many times we were able to have the 2nd opening face a wall/large tree to reduce the air that got in while leaving enough space for a cat to escape.

We also had microwaveable plastic discs that would provide heat for them overnight under a blanket/bedding. We also had to find a way to anchor the plastic shelters because high winds would flip them over and sometimes they would roll a distance. We found using nylon line to attach them to a tree/bush was helpful.


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