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@my-thyme Before we got all of the flags hung, these 2 flags had already been removed. We went to the homeowner to ask what the issue was, stating that we had permission from the utility companies to put the flags on the poles. He stated that he could not be associated with American flags on his property, something to the effect that he had problems with America right now. A couple of times he mentioned gay pride flags but not sure what his point was, unless he was trying to say that we would have a problem with gay pride flags like he has a problem with the American flag. The person with me nor myself never indicated we had any issue with other flags, just that we were trying to make Ridge feel like a small town with patriotism and that we were not making a political statement with these flags, keeping it neutral by only hanging the American flag. The heck of it is his wife came out to speak to us while we were putting up the flags in front of their house and she never indicated her objection to them.

Oh well I guess you can't please everyone, but it is obvious that the only flags missing are the 2 in front of his house. A couple of people sent texts to me Monday evening asking about these 2 poles without flags. We did get our flags back from him and will be placing them elsewhere.
Of course I wasn't there to get a feel for the tone of the conversation, but perhaps the current occupant of the WH has something to do with his mind set. It is kind of hard to separate regard for our Cheater in Chief apart from regard for the current state of our country.

I think I'll just stay laser focused on what exactly memorial day is really about, remembrance of our fallen warriors. They fought for this guys right to NOT have to fly the flag too.

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If I may ...
If I may ...

Looks really nice, TPD. My grandson loves the "Camerican" flags.

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Gotta hater in Ridge, huh? I see two poles with brackets and no flags.

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What's up with that?
Looks like a public right-of-way right in front and to the side of that bartards house. 1st Amendment can be exercised here. Get a group of people all carrying the flag and walk back and forth and around the corner. Get a convoy of cars driving in front, turn around the corner then make a U-turn and continue again.

Besides, @TPD has/had permission to hang those flags on SMECO property. That pole sits on a right-of-way granted to SMECO. The owner of that house has no authority to remove anything from SMECO owned property without first obtaining permission. In addition, as close to the road as those poles are, I would also wager that they are within the county's road right-of-way. A double trespass owner no-no.