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That guys picture has appeared on other outrageously weird charges in the past. Nevertheless, as a resident of Fl the past 44 years, thanks to the migration of untold numbers of rejects, or in some cases, the best that could be offered, from the other states in the union, the level of NEWS OF THE WEIRD from Florida is probably unsurpassed.:bann:

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Not sure which is worse. Diving over the fence with the open gate or the Speedo.
I actually posted this because when you have a thread that's pretty much exclusively negative, this was a positive, regardless of how he reached the child to get him out of the water. And for the life of me, I can't find a speedo.


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The rules for rescue are Reach, throw, Row ,and go.

I remember learning to swim. I fell off the wharf and my mother was yelling. My father was on the wharf and a pair of nippers were nearby.(Nippers are small oyster tongs for pickling up one oyster off the bottom at a time. Back then the water was clear and you could see them on the bottom.On low tide you could pick them up one at a time. Oysters were much more prevalent then and we had plants at the end of the wharf.)
Anyway my dad picked up the nippers and got ahold of my pants and held me up and told me to move my hands and feet---to swim
When I would sink he would pull me up. After that I started swimming. Except when our dog---a Chesapeake Bay Retriever would come out and drag me to shore and save me when I didn't need saving. LOL

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A Florida man pelted his girlfriend in the "head and face area" with sweet and sour sauce packets Sunday because he was angry she had "bought the wrong food from McDonald's," a felony battery complaint said.

Jesus Oscar Ferrer Jr., 30, attacked his girlfriend -- with whom he has a child -- in the couple's motel room in Tampa, police said.

A struggle ensued and Ferrer allegedly pinned his girlfriend to the ground. He "placed his palm on her face and pressed her head into the ground using his body weight," which prompted the woman to rip off part of his beard, the complaint said.

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Florida man, Florida man.
Florida man hates Person man.
They have a fight, Florida wins.
Florida Man.


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When he went back outside, Rudy said the man was smoking a joint. The man allegedly told him that because Rudy was so nice to him, he would go ahead and leave after he finished smoking.
“So I told him, ‘You can’t smoke because I got a hotel full of people and kids here. The smell is everywhere. You can’t. You can’t do that.’" Rudy explained.
Still, it looked like he was going to leave, Rudy said.
He didn’t.
"Before I know it, he came up behind me and he sucker punched me," Rudy said.


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And just when you thought you couldn't get enough of Florida Man, there's this: