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Alllll... = "Awww, that's so cute it makes me want to throw up"
asshat: A person whose behavior displays such ignorance/obnoxiousness that you would like to make them wear their own ass as a hat. short for mainman
bangbang : very casual sexual intercourse. origin: FD Dog
bankhead: attributed to dems consistently misspelling a particular smilie...
chock: to choke on something. origin: K_Jo
clam down: K_Jo’s way of trying to keep everyone at peace. K_Jo said, “Clam the #### down bcp, we’ll find your missing finger.”
coward: If I knew who you were, I'd give red karma back to you. Origin: elaine
dummah: short for dumb ass. origin: RoseRed
Hens - be wary of the feathered kind; they secretly control all things forum. What is known about them is the topic of much rumor and speculation which must mean its really bad!
Gaynet: the other forum.
heh: a singular amused sound, sometimes with a hint of surprise. Pete likes this one.
Kerosilene - the stuff that you pour into emergency home heaters. origin: itsbob - misspelled because BadGirl wasn’t there to help him that day.
krama (or kramer): karma, usually red or green in color.
meam: mean. origin is Tigger, now know as TWL's Wife
meamie: one who art thou mean.
mpd: a$$holes with multiple user I.D.'s. origin: unknown, but Catt thinks she invented it.
newbie: another new ####### to the forum.
ouchkas: just tried twisting the top off of a samuel adams, why does my hand hurt ? origin: FireBrand
Petezza - a winter holiday falling Dec 5th to 13th characterized by assigned days of specific action such as "random acts of meaness" and "be snotty"; days are determined by the creator of Petezza, Pete.
prolly: probably.
remot: BS gal’s word for the TV remote control. during football season origin: BS gal; assisted by Otter.
Red Headed Sluts: AKA - RHS - term coined by Otter that describes 3 close knit forumite friends after they had gone drinking at the Tiki 2 years ago ( or more )
siggy: signature line.
sniggle: part snort, part giggle
smow: southern maryland snow. origin: RoseRed
snort: is the sound some who giggle laugh and snort through their nose make
STUF - What dyslexics say when they don't want to listen anymore. Meaning clarified by Vrai.
Stud - bcp uses this to describe himself. The women don’t use this description for bcp.
Super Bowel – Dems was trying to describe the championship football game of the season.
tread: thread. origin is Tigger now know as TWL's Wife
waaaaa laaaaa= voila. Morg did this, we don’t know why.
Waaaahmbulance: Sharon did this.
Weirest: a word used for the strange and unusual. origin: Geek.
woot woot: ...?
####, ###, ########### - the three big words; Dick is okay in the Proper Noun, but the male barnyard bird isn't allowed in any version due to the censors.
OP - Original Poster.


:biggrin: Thanks for the decoder pin! I’m going to go watch the Super Bowel now.


I bowl overhand
and stufdacockie.. A strong infection that my take awhile to get rid of, and is becoming antibiotic resistant


If anyone has any somd peculiar words to add to the dictionary, please submit them along with a meaning and origin.

Homer J

Power Chord
Not sure of the origins but a couple that I have enjoyed are:

Kirk out - wig out or get upset

Flicted - You have a disable


Salt Life
Not sure of the origins but a couple that I have enjoyed are:

Kirk out - wig out or get upset

Flicted - You have a disable

I don't think those are forum words. I've heard them used before many, many years ago and way before I was on here.
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