goat needs a home


I have a Nubian wether that is looking or a new home. He has a horn that grew back after he was disbudded and he gets caught in my fences. I'm afraid he'll get really stuck if I'm not home. He's about two years old, black and white, very friendly since he was a bottle baby. He would do best with some type of electric fence, or at least one hot wire to keep him from poking his head through. He has a friend that could go with him since you can't have just one goat, they get very lonely.

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Adopt me please !
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I actually also do farm critter rescue, and know of a potential home for the goat. My neighbor has had goats for many years and although he does sell some of the goats that he breeds, he keeps the friendly ones as permanent residents.

His goats are pygmy's, and I can vouch for his great care of them. Since he has other goats, you'd not need to send a buddy with him.


Thank you please do give him my number, I'll PM you. I have to so something shortly. He got in a world of trouble Sunday, his head got stuck and the cow started pushing his butt around, his rear ended up in the water trough and his head was still stuck in the fence.


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spinner- did you ever find a home for this goat? If he's gone, do you have any others available?