Grackle Rant


Routinely Derailed
The black turds stated getting on my nerves several years ago when they dug a hole in my soffit and built a nest in there. Then when I made it impossible for them to get back in there, they made 2 more holes in the soffit of my garage and nested in there. We like (all the other) birds and put up bird feeders. Because the dang grackles can empty a large feeder in 8 hours flat, I put up more feeders.

This caused me to get more grackles.

But they were seasonal pests and so I could enjoy watching cardinals and finches and warblers and mockingbirds, even the odd woodpecker and a few others, for at least a few months out of the year.

This past winter the little black bass turds showed up on the coldest days of the year and chased off the cardinals and other birds that were depending on my feeders for food.

I poked a hole in the screen of my dining room window, which is like 6 feet from the feeders, and hit the buggers with BBs every time they tried to come to the feeders. I went through a lot of BBs and didn't get much of anything done for 3 days.

Now it appears that every grackle in the state has chosen to move into my yard and the ravine behind my house. They have taken the place over. They've chased off all the other kinds of birds, and now they're attacking squirrels and chasing them off, too. I haven't put seed out since late January.

I can't talk to anyone in a normal tone of voice outside because of the noise levels from these turds! They're driving me nuts!!! :tantrum: