Greetings from Panama City Beach! (again)


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Congratulations you two, your new home looks super nice!

I lived in a trailer home for 10 years in a very nice trailer park. Mine had a fireplace and a sunken tub and I was very happy there.

If I could give you one word of advice, it would be to acquaint yourself with a local repairman and/or a hardware store that specializes in manufactured home needs because almost nothing is the same as a tradition house. From water fixtures, plumbing, doors, and windows, everything was different in some way.

P.S. Find out where your water heater is. Mine was in the bedroom closet!:roflmao:
That is a great bit of advice. The manufacturers do that crap on purpose....


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We've had 6 days of on & off rain. Today it just sprinkled a tiny bit thankfully.

All the summer tourists have arrived. They are scrambling for indoor things to do. The beach is flying double red flags. So no body is suppose to go in the water. But they still do. They've done a bunch of water rescues. So far 1 young person drown.

The angry waves blanketed the beach with a bunch of sea grass. Some bored tourists put that grass to somewhat good use.



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Our campground is expanding. So that means construction. Apparently new sewer is going in. And that means water interruptions. Both planned and unplanned. After each interruption we get a water boil notice. They run a water test and we have to boil until they get the results. So we go back to our campground days of using bottled water for drinking.

Yesterday I noticed our hot water spigot had a lot of air in it. It was sputtering all over. At the time the cold appeared fine. Thinking I had a water heater issue, I turned it off. I put it on my mental to do list of things to check out. Then promptly forgot about it.

A while later Vrai turns on the cold water. Nothing. So out come the water bottles. But no pre warning. So imagine you are in the shower at that moment, all lathered up. That would suck.

Just about every day I feed the critters from the deck. Apollo helps. By help, I mean he barks. Alot. The turtles annoy him. I don't think he even notices the fish. All I have to do is walk on the deck. All the turtles in the pond will swim over in hopes of getting a little piece of a delectable morsel of people food. Cheap hot dogs are what they really crave. The turtles will eat the floating fish food. But they will climb over each other for a piece of ground up pig snout. I counted 16 out there 2 days ago.


If you look close, you can see 7 turtles in this picture.

Our campground doesn't have much going on in the way of organized activities. They hold a few card games and bingo during the week. Comparing that to the South Padre Island KOA, it's like night and day. What is surprising is the the SPI KOA didn't really have any competition. The other places to camp down there are owned by the county. They don't have any amenities other than a bath house. Contrast that to PCB. There are at least 5 campgrounds in a 10 mile radius from here. I would think they would try to draw more folks in. Good thing I'm not in the campground management field. Otherwise it would all be things that I enjoy.

Other than that, it was 79 degrees yesterday. We played pickleball in shorts and t shirts. Not too shabby for mid December.


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FWIW, we are experiencing winter today. 47 degrees outside. My bare hands were quite cold on the dog walk this AM. Won't be anyone in the pool today. Last night the wind redecorated out deck. I didn't like the look, so I put everything back the way it was.

I feed the fish and turtles every day. For the past 2 weeks, the turtles won't come out of the water. Before I'd have them come right up to my feet and grab little morsels of hot dogs. I could have reached out and caught them if I wanted to. My goal is to have them eat out of my hand.

Out of the 3 things I feed them, hot dogs seem to be the preferred food item. I also chuck out a handful of dry dog food and a fish food pellet. I've never seen the bass eat the fish pellets. Even though right on the bag it lists bass as the first fish that will eat this product.

Campground construction is ongoing. Last week they hit the water pipe again while digging. Then we lose water until they fix it. This makes 4 or 5 times this has happened. I bet the crew is just trying to milk working here. I'll be glad when they are finished. The park seems to be spending money to make this place more enjoyable. They put up all new signs. Our speed limit has dropped from 10 to 5 1/2. I think the signs are too big. The home number sign on our street has the arrows pointing the wrong way. New isn't always better.

It appears our neighbor's house is under contract. This place has been on and off the market since we moved in. More on that off. The owners showed up a few weeks ago. They had piles of trash at the curb. It was shocking how much trash they had in that small space. Fingers crossed that we get nice neighbors. There is a good chance that they will only be here occasionally. That seems to be the norm around here. Maybe 30% are here full time like us.

I've been on a charcuterie kick the last 2 weeks. We got 1 when we ate out and I forgot how much I like to eat a bunch of small, different things at the same time. Here's 1 of my creations.


I did the peppers and mushrooms myself. The artichoke hearts and olives were from a jar.

Later today the plan is to take a drive down front beach road. Check out if there is any wind damage since if it's blowing bad here, it's got to be really dicey on the beach.

Speaking of the beach. They are replenishing the sand by dredging. There is a facebook group of shell collectors. It seems the company dredging the sand is sifting out the shells. The shells are placed in a big pile on the beach. The area of the shell pile is roped off. People can't go and take the shells. They even have 24 hour a day guards watching over the pile. When the shell collectors asked the guards, they are told the shells contain bacteria. But everything contains some bacteria. ANyway the collectors are like alien abduction fans coming up will all sorts of conspiracy theories on why they can't access the mountain of shells. So, if you are a shell collector, I know where there is a huge pile.

Anyhow, stay warm y'all.


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Beautiful pictures.

Yep. It's rollercoaster time. Experiencing the same as you here in Louisiana.

That is one of my favorite meals..I call it a snack plate. It doesn't look as pretty as yours ..cheese, crackers, olives, pickles, little weenies, salami, etc.

Hope you get good neighbors 🤞