Greetings from Panama City Beach! (again)


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Congratulations you two, your new home looks super nice!

I lived in a trailer home for 10 years in a very nice trailer park. Mine had a fireplace and a sunken tub and I was very happy there.

If I could give you one word of advice, it would be to acquaint yourself with a local repairman and/or a hardware store that specializes in manufactured home needs because almost nothing is the same as a tradition house. From water fixtures, plumbing, doors, and windows, everything was different in some way.

P.S. Find out where your water heater is. Mine was in the bedroom closet!:roflmao:
That is a great bit of advice. The manufacturers do that crap on purpose....


Yeah, whatever
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We've had 6 days of on & off rain. Today it just sprinkled a tiny bit thankfully.

All the summer tourists have arrived. They are scrambling for indoor things to do. The beach is flying double red flags. So no body is suppose to go in the water. But they still do. They've done a bunch of water rescues. So far 1 young person drown.

The angry waves blanketed the beach with a bunch of sea grass. Some bored tourists put that grass to somewhat good use.