Guess what was turned in to us at 6am this morning?

black dog

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The first cat we adopted from SMAWL was originally named General Tso. We changed it to Maverick. Lost him to cancer back in October.
When I was little I had a gray kitten just like that. My Pops thought it was a girl so we named it Suzy.

As it grew, one day we said Oh Nuts!

Luckily, Johnny Cash had a big hit with a song called "A Boy Named Sue" right about that time, and I was so happy anytime somebody asked me his name!

And I hardly made up any of that!


Adopt me please !
Miss Perty Pixie is ready to be adopted. Has been spayed, and had her vaccinations. She is going to be a higher ranking kitty and can be a little rough when playing too so not recommended for young children or with very low ranking cats. Has been doing fine with


Adopt me please !
So who wants a kitten with a huge personality? Miss Perty Pixie is ready! Pretty sure she is going to be high ranking and may not be suitable for low ranking kittie buddies. She likes to wrestle and would probably do best with a confident cat who can put her in her place or even can be alone? She walks right up to the dog bowl when my calm dog is eating. She is too confident in my opinion wow. Ready to be adopted or you can foster her so we can make room for more rescues.


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