Gun Control Laws And Opposition


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Judge Allows Anti-2A Groups To Sue YouTube For Mass Shootings​

Yeah because YouTube, Reddit and Discord has deep pockets

The Product design is faulty .... WTF


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I am proud to announce that all gun dealers must conduct background checks no matter where or how they sell.

What a ####tarded #####. :dork:

Next she'll announce All Pharmacies must have a Rx signed by a Dr. for all controlled medications dispensed.


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I once had a conversation with and attorney regarding guns, their ownership and use in the general population. He said that the way he looked at as well as those where he was from, guns were just another tool like a shovel, pick or axe, to be used for the appropriate purpose. I was surprised by his common sense approach to the subject. Guns are a tool used for recreation, the shooting sports, hunting and self defense.

Punish the people who purposely use their tools to do evil and commit crime. Not those law abiding persons who go about their daily lives and only use them in a lawful manner. I don't want to leave Maryland but feel I may be compelled to if gun rights become more restricted in this state.


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We can just hear the leftists screaming, 'SOURCE, PLEASE.' Because the left can't meme.

But let's take a minute to bask in the glory of this meme and list many of the Democrat talking points it demolishes.

  1. 'But red states have the worst crime.'
    No. Urban areas in America, all almost exclusively blue, have the worst crime. Step outside of blue cities and crime drops dramatically.
  2. 'You can't fight the government with your AR-15'
    Oh, really? There are nearly 400 million guns in America and they are spread all across the country. Good luck tracking them all down with your F-15s, Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell.
  3. 'These are weapons of war and no citizen should have them'
    LOL. Look at the map again and see how many law-abiding citizens have guns and how there is not a crime wave in that sea of red.

We could probably go on for a while, but that's good enough for starters. Guns are not the issue. Democrat policies that don't punish criminals are the issue.

We could cite all of the crime statistics that show how often shootings are committed by repeat offenders who were repeatedly let off scot-free by Soros-funded DAs, but the meme speaks for itself.

Just take the latest incident that Democrats are trying to turn into another George Floyd: Dexter Reed. Not only is there practically an entire media blackout about the fact that Reed shot at police first, but virtually no mainstream media story mentions Reed's long rap sheet, including facing other gun charges, yet still had his weapons illegally. (The media also ignores that Reed was wearing a ski mask. In his car. In March. Because that's not suspicious at all.)



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When you ban firearms, knives become the problem or Jihadists use trucks
I looked up once. Australians have along history of killing one another - often in groups, such as families - with fists, knives, fire is a favorite, hammers, vehicles...all kinds of things. You know what they don't kill one another with all that often? Guns.

All it took was one incident of a mass shooting, and the Australians acted like leftist chicks who'd never seen a gun before suddenly confronted with one. They freaked out. When their increasingly totalitarian government (gee, I wonder why /sarc.) suggested they turn in their guns, the vast majority of the population lifted up their skirts and ran to the nearest collection point.

7 people; 5 women and 1 man included, plus at least one wounded; a baby whose mother died to protect it.

You know what stopped the mass murderer - who was known to the police, by the way, which suggests that it may have been a "newcomer" to Australia - a female cop with a gun.

Yet, if you read the headlines, they would have you believe that knives and guns were involved in this, murder spree with no known motive. By a man who was known to authorities.