Happy Birthday Misfit!!!


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Happy birthday, Misfit! :love:

A little present:


Good fortune quickly turned to horror for a man in Allyn, Washington, who scored some raccoon roadkill to use as crab-trap bait on June 25. As the unidentified man walked toward home dragging the carcass behind him on a 15-foot rope (so he couldn't smell it), two different vehicles stopped, and their occupants, mistakenly thinking he was dragging a dead dog, began berating the would-be fisherman. As the dispute heated up, someone produced a gun, shooting the man twice in the leg before he was struck by one of the vehicles as the assailants fled.


God bless the USA
Happy Birthday! Thanks for the much needed humor you bring to this forum! :smile: Rockfish bites! Yum! Hope you had a great birthday, and I wish you many more happy returns of the day.