Happy Seafood Place


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Is that the most recent inhabitant of the "site were all restaurants go to die" in the L'town shopping center?
That would be the place. Perkins, Arizona Pizza, Bottom of the Hill...and now...Happy Seafood House. Dont think its gonna be "Happy" for long.


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Is this the same "Happy" that has opened a couple restaurants over the years? One I remember is Happy's Diner in Lusby near the Post Office. Had a hard time keeping employees because he was real mean.


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In defense of bottom of the Hill, Mike is notorious for opening a restaurant, building a clientele, then dumping and running. I know of atleast 3 times he's done that in the past 20 or so years.

We were sorta business partners for a brief period back in the mid 90s....a little place called Swanns. ;-) At least I'm pretty sure its the same guy...had the House of Ribs back then..


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Montana was the corner of Clover Hill and 235 across from S. Sandgates
That was Mike's Liquors.

(my old stomping grounds = Gillens Grove development at the corner of Clover Hill / McIntosh Road)