Hey Huntr... Boxwoods


Livin' Like Thanksgivin'
I decided to take a sample of my plants to a nursury today, just to make sure you wouldn't be wasting a trip out here.

I misidentified the "azaleas". They're actually Winter Gem Boxwoods, which look very similar to azaleas but actually are a lighter shade of green and produce no flowers.

If you still want them, I'll give you first dibs. If not... then...

First-come, First-serve on 7 healthy winter gem boxwoods, and 4 or 5 that seem to be struggling to make it.


Livin' Like Thanksgivin'
Originally posted by Hot N Bothered
:confused: Didn't you notice there weren't any flowers on them this spring?

I'm not a botanist. :shrug: I just figured they weren't mature enough yet.

Huntr didn't want them...said they were too small for his use (tallest one is about 24")... so it's open for anybody who does... :cheesy: