High school grudges


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You bunch of freakin kids.. I am having my 50th this summer.. Hell, I don't even remember graduating let alone who I hated and who hated me. I am going just to see who actually did hate me and who I actually hated. Hope I recognize them..

At your age, I'd be surprised if more than a dozen remember graduating, much less, when. :razz:

I saw your better half Friday. You are blessed, indeed. :yay:


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I wasn't in a "clique" when I was in school. My friends were all over the place, from brains to nerds to jocks to stoners. I was very much then like I am today - it took me a long time to grow into my personality.


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I think people have to realize High School stunk for almost everyone.Look at the way it is set up whether it was a four year situation or as in my case a three year Jr&Sr High school situation high school is a terrible time ,period.If you weren't worried about fitting in you aren't being honest with yourself be it with older kids ,sports teams ,clubs class's and God forbid you had a older brother or sister in school with you or worse yet a graduated legend in their own right that every teacher knew and add into this puberty and high school was hell for everyone.

There are a lot of people that peaked in high school, I ended up going to college with a few and they didn't know how to handle not being the center of attention, flamed out, and got fat etc.


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My class has a formal reunion every 10 years - used to have them every 5 but people said "enough" - from what I hear, they also usually get together every few years and go to Homecoming - and nearly 45 years later, they still get trashed.

Our class was the biggest - 300+ and the reunions are usually full events - about 150+ people, though from what I've heard, there are a lot of "crashers" from the class before and after ours. Teachers as well, though most are gone now. My 20th was fun - I plan on going to the next one to see who all these FB people are - they've decided with so many crashers, it's going to be a combined year reunion, since I guess we're the only class that gets a good turnout. Funny thing is, when we were in school, we were kind of the loser class.
I wasn't bullied in high school... but middle school was a very VERY different story. I went to middle school overseas in Yokosuka, Japan. Yes, it was a DoD school... but I was a minority. The school was comprised of mostly Philippinos and other Asian descents. I was bullied. my sister was bullied. I have been the same height since I was 11... I am 5'6'' and I was a fully-developed woman with 36D breasts in 6th grade. I was very overweight with incredibly thick glasses. My hair was very long... past my butt - I had never had a haircut. The bullying was so bad that one day I was sitting in my chair at school and this Philippino girl snipped off a chunk of my long raven-black locks. The school did nothing to punish her. I moved to the United States... lost a bunch of weight... got contact lenses... changed my hairstyle...learned to apply makeup ... and holy-crap... I became popular in High School in the US. It was like Bizzaro-World to me because of what I went through. I remember the first time a boy asked me to be his girlfriend, I asked him if it was some sort of sick joke. I was screwed up in the head for a while because of middle school bullying. Luckily - I will never have to have a reunion with those people. Some of them have contacted me and apologized and I have gotten the "OMG you look so different." It feels good and I try to chalk it up to kids were just being kids and kids are mean... but it affected me. It still affects me sometimes. I still have self-esteem issues and when I put on a little weight I feel like I am turning into "that girl" again. It's bad news bears man. :bawl:


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I don't remember any major issues between any of my classmates. I've spoken with several classmates that were the "odd" girl or guy out back in the day, for one reason or another, and they dont' harbor any ill will towards classmates that picked on them or just ignored them. I remember leaving with some mild animosity between me and a few other students, but we've also grown up and gotten over the teenage angst and stupidity. Even better, the 3 high schools in our district celebrate their reunions together because we all had someone from another school that we hung out with or dated.


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Ah. The resident 98 lb weakling chimes in....... You were bullied unmercifully, weren't you?

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I didn't think I needed to tell you I was joking....... :buddies:

And BTW, that Bugs saying is one of my favorites.... :lol:

Oh, I know! :huggy: ... that phrase came to mind immediately so I *HAD* to use it.

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